CBA + LivePerson

360° Partnership

Live Assist for Dynamics 365 solution provider, CBA, has partnered with LivePerson. By combining Live Assist for Dynamics 365 with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud and AI platform, we are able to offer asynchronous Messaging, Bot Building, Intent Management, Social messaging and other automation features that will allow brands to deliver personalized experiences at scale!

Live Assist for Dynamics 365 combined with AI Conversational Cloud is changing the way businesses and consumers communicate with messaging, audio & video

When Business starts to grow it’s often very difficult to keep providing great customer support. Live Assist for Dynamics 365 was created with customer satisfaction in mind, that’s why Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is the preferred solution by hundreds of companies around the world. This omnichannel solution now with AI Conversational Cloud services included will allow you to connect and converse with your consumers where they are. Without any install or plugins your customers can start a conversation, as well experience co-browsing, through your website, app or social media platform in real time. Explore the possibilities of an enterprise-scale Conversational AI omnichannel solution.

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Welcome to a new era of communication

Discover and understand intents

With the growing number of non-voice channels such as chat and messaging, the key is to get an accurate picture of what the customer wants. With Intent Manager you can find out customers’ intentions and what they want to solve – discover and understand “intents” in real time, providing a smooth customer response. The data gathered in this way can be used to improve and optimize the productivity of contact centers.

Extensibility and conversation design

Making bots more effective and easier. You can create chatbots in Conversation Builder without having the necessary expertise. 

Ensure operation and monitoring of operators, bots, and conversations with Conversation Manager anywhere. Since all conversations can be centralized, conversation history, context information, customer information, etc. can be seen at a glance. You can achieve more effective and productive customer service. 

Flexible customer engagement

Today, we are surrounded by multiple channels such as chattext messages, and SNS, as well as voice calls such as telephone calls. LivePerson can integrate various communication channels, so customers can start communicating on their favorite channel, when and where they want. By guiding from real-time communication called voice call to asynchronous communication called messaging, conversation across channels can be continued without interruption. We can provide friction-less and flexible communication to both customers and operators. 

Communication Business Avenue, Inc. (CBA) is a privately held holistic Communication solution integrator and service provider that enables a wide range of platform automations and solutions. We implement cutting-edge Omnichannel, AI technology, and other solutions with innovations that meet a host of Business communication challenges. With a mission to always be helpful and hospitable, CBA provides technologies and business methodologies that will help you reach significant business growth.

Since 2006, we have integrated and supported the latest communication technologies for over 500 clients in 35 countries across different regions. Utilizing highly immersive and overarching cloud computing solutions with expertise that even includes WebRTC multimedia solutions for on-premise, cloud, and mobile applications, we inspire solutions that meet any industry’s communication needs.

LivePerson makes life easier for people and brands everywhere through trusted Conversational AI. Our 18,000 customers, including leading brands like HSBC, Orange, and GM Financial, use our conversational solutions to orchestrate humans and AI at scale and create a convenient, deeply personal relationship – a conversational relationship – with their millions of consumers. LivePerson has been named to Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list for its leadership in artificial intelligence.

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